Postpartum is Not All Butterflies.

Last night I had the pleasure of sitting down with four fellow mamas to talk about our motherhood journeys. My friend Patrice so graciously hosted this gathering, and it felt amazing to participate in such a candid and honest discussion.

We opened up about some of the struggles we’ve faced while pregnant and our experiences with postpartum. Besides the fact that all five of us are raising a child under the age of two, another common bond that we share is that none of our birth stories went according to what we had envisioned.

Sometimes God’s plan is drastically different from our own. When that happens, it’s often difficult to receive HIS message. Since becoming a mother, I’ve embraced the importance of living in the moment and I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

Each of us had very unique stories to share and this is just a snippet of mine. Some of the topics I touched on were the death of my first son Bryant, dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and my son’s Hemophilia diagnosis. You can watch the full conversation by joining my Facebook group Moms Like Her. Thank you for allowing me to be so transparent with you guys, I look forward to sharing more.

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