Moms Like Brunch.


Yesterday was beautiful. It was my one month anniversary of launching this blog and I celebrated by hosting my very first vision board brunch. I had it at the incredible SAND Gallery in downtown Baltimore and it turned out to be amazing. The entire event was surrounded by positive vibes and loving energy. Fifteen people from all walks of life came out to celebrate their accomplishments, visualize their goals and manifest their dreams. It was an intimate, inspiring and affirming experience.

The delicious food was prepared by Chef Kierra Best, owner of Kie to Your Tastebuds Catering, LLC. The space was provided by Mark Clark, owner of the SAND Gallery. The photos were taken by Phylicia Ghee, of Phylicia Ghee Photography.

Being in the presence of such likeminded individuals was truly motivating. We uplifted each other, talked a lot our goals, desires and the things that we hope to accomplish in 2018.

I shared with my friends that one of my personal goals is to be more present in my son’s life. Some were confused by that because I am a work from home mom so I’m literally with him 24/7. But while I’m always physically there, sometimes I feel like mentally, I am not as present as I would like to be. I allow my anxiety to take over and my mind wanders to all of the things that need to be done instead of focusing on what’s right in front of me. So for 2018, I am allowing myself to live in the now. I will practice conscious parenting, I will love intentionally, I will be myself unapologetically and I will let go of everything that I cannot control.

I poured a lot into this gathering and I am so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate this moment with me. I can’t wait to host our next event. This is only the beginning. Love + Light. ❤

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