The Business of Motherhood.

As the year comes to a close, I’m so excited to feature the amazing Brittani Clark as our last #GuestBlogHer for 2017. This phenomenal full time stay-at-home mom, wife and fellow blogger is one of the strongest women I know. Not only does she homeschool all five of her children, but her family has lived in three countries over the past 6 years, and two of her children were home births! You can read more about her family’s adventures on her blog FistFullLife. I could write a book on how much I admire this mama, but I’ll let Brittani tell her own story… #MomsLikeHer

We live in a day and age where #blackgirlmagic is #lit and #mompreneaurs are all the rage! And let me tell you something… I’m here for But as much as I support and admire all of those moms out there getting their life, I’m over here just trying keep my house clean and kids fed. I don’t have a brand I’m trynna build or business I want to sell. My hustle is my children. I’m trying to pour into them my best self and that my friends, is no small feat. Before I had children, I didn’t take into consideration the different personalities and temperaments that come along with a little person. Now with 5 kids in tow – I feel like just getting through the day is a huge task.

I’m a homeschooler, which means i spend 24/7 365 with my kids. I love it, but it’s also the hardest job ever.

A typical day for us consists of waking up to prepare breakfast. To keep it real, my oldest two usually get up before me and I allow them to use that time to play quietly or read. When I do finally come out from the darkness that is my limited sleep, we make breakfast together and follow that up with school. I’m still finding my way in the homeschool game; which style works for my learners. Right now we are doing workbooks, project based learning and a weekly co-op. All of my children have different interests, so I try my best to stay in tune with those interests and provide them with individual outlets to meet those needs. My son (6) is into animals and remote-controlled anything so we make trips to the life and science museum regularly and he spends a lot of time watching Wild Kratts and YouTube videos about remote control cars. My daughter (5) is a true creative. She spends a lot of time drawing and crafting. I give her fabric, she makes clothes and housing for her someday soon cat. If I let her, she’d spend the day watching videos on how to bake cupcakes. I could go through the other kids but….back to our day. I try to be intentional about doing some type of structured learning for at least an hour out of the day. We usually follow that up with a trip to the library, nature center, park, co-op, or any other outing that the kids can benefit from. Afterwards, we return home for lunch and then a nap. If we don’t do anything else in a day, please believe, we nap. It’s for my sanity and theirs. Every single thing SHUTS DOWN and eyes close. Even if I choose not to nap, I bask in these moments to relax and drink a cup of coffee without hearing my name called 50 million times. It is joyous!

After nap time we have a snack followed by another learning activity and then I encourage them to play freely with one another while I prep dinner. If it’s been a long day, I will put on a movie, so they can be entertained without making noise (screen time for the win). Once my husband comes home I give him a minute adjust and then I go lock myself in a room for a minute, lol. But for real I do! Eventually though, I reemerge to serve dinner and family time.

We wind down the evening with everyone kinda doing their own thing before coming together to recap on the day and set goals for the following day. We kiss and hug the kids, remind them to say their prayers and they’re off. Hubby and I retire to our room where one of us eventually falls asleep on the other “you sleep?” “Nah, I’m listening” (snoring loudly)…yea, it goes something like that.

To get more of our day-to-day happening (without fail a lot more eventful than this) come check us out over at fistfulllife…we’re just getting started!


This post was submitted by Brittani Clark, creator of  FistFullLife. If you are interested in sharing your story, please send all submissions to Entry must be 1000 words or less. Thank you.

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