Confessions of A Married Mama.

Recently, I got a chance to collaborate with fellow blogger mama Shannon Doss; creator of MyMommyHood. We decided to produce point and counterpoint blog entries detailing our married vs. single motherhood experiences thus far. Shannon has been married for two years and is the mama of a seven-month-old son and expecting her second! I am a newly single mama of a one-and-a-half-year-old son and I’m trying to master the art of co-parenting. Our experiences have been vastly different but when it comes down to the love of our family, we share a common bond. Here is Shannon’s story. Check out Confessions of A Single Mama to read mine! 

Hey everyone! Although I’d always planned on being married, I didn’t think it would happen this young. I’m currently 24, got married at 22. I was still in graduate school for my Master’s in social work and it was rough balancing marriage, internship, work and school.

Now, two years later, I have a 7 month old son and I am pregnant with our second (4 months along). After only one year in the workforce, my husband and I decided it was best for our children that I stay home and pour into our children first-hand. It has all been a learning process, going from being independent to dependent, being single to married, being uninterrupted by kids to getting ready to have to have two under two. I am by no means perfect, and being a married mama is by no means a walk in paradise… here’s my story.

Discipline: At this point, my son being 7 months, there isn’t much discipline that needs to be done. He’s still learning but there are things that are an absolute “NO!”.

When baby is eating, he always tries to touch he trash can. I say “no” very sternly and he usually stops. I know he doesn’t understand the word but the tone is clear, he stops because he can understand he’s done something wrong. I do the same when he’s about to touch something, like the stove, even when it’s not on, and I even pop his hand so that he understands it’s a stern “NO”. I am learning, however, that babies, even infants, understand and are able to comprehend.

My future plan for discipline is for hubby to discipline our son after he reaches maybe 5. At that point, I think he can, better than I, teach him to be a man because that’s how God created it. Now, mamas that don’t have a husband, you do what you have to and God’s grace is sufficient. He will provide.

Routines: Oh gosh! My routine is SO important. Not just for my son but for my own sake. My son goes to bed around 8pm and wakes at 5:30 or 6:00 am, no exceptions. During the day, he usually naps around the same time, 4 naps a day. Between naps, we do story time, play time, TV time, songs & books time . I try to clean one room in the house a day, and cook dinner 3-4 days a week, go to the grocery store on Wednesday’s and use baby nap times  to relax. Of course, as any mom knows, I’m prepared for nothing to go as planned because , that’s life. But for the most part, an organized routine saves my life.

Self-Care: Self care is CRUCIAL to ANY mama, stay at home, married, single, etc. For my daily self care, I make sure to nap, occasionally watch a TV show or two that isn’t constantly singing, with bright colors and baby words, and eat ice cream sometimes. A self-care area that I need help in is asking for help. I need to make a habit of accepting help from family and friends, and husband, as well as asking for help when I get overwhelmed. I also would like to go get pedicures more, cause my feet are struggling in some Uggs most of the time.

Life is crazy as a married mama. The benefit is having help from hubby. But since I’m a stay at home mom, and he’s at work, during the day, it’s mostly all on me, and that’s okay.

Read more about Shannon and her beautiful, growing family on her motherhood blog, MyMommyHood.


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2 thoughts on “Confessions of A Married Mama.

  1. Congrats on baby #2! I’m also expecting my second yet he’s 2.5, but it’s still a struggle sometimes to think how I’ll manage two. Yet like you said God’s grace is sufficient. Prayers that He sends you much grace and peace during these next few months and the transition when your next bundle arrives!


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