Dear Bryant.

Dear Bryant,

I know that you’re okay, and that’s what gives me peace. Although you’re no longer on this earth physically, I see you everyday. I am so thankful for the gift of your brother, and I know that a part of you lives through him. You knew that mommy could not survive this world alone, and so you sent me Bub. Often, I find myself looking at him and wondering how different or similar you two would have been. He looks and acts so much like your daddy and I’m convinced that you would have been mommy’s twin.

I pray for you. I pray that your soul is at rest and that while you were living, you felt no pain. I carried you in my womb for five months and I pray that you felt love and comfort the entire time that you were there. I pray that I’m making you proud and that by sharing our story, I’m able to heal the hearts and give hope to other mommies who may be experiencing what I went through.

Your brief life has left such a huge impact on mine. God needed me to experience this pain in order to prepare for my future as a warrior mom. I’m not sure if I would’ve been as strong with handling your brother’s diagnosis, had I not already survived the storm of losing you. Your life represents faith. Faith in myself and in God’s promises. It’s so important to me to let people that you existed and for your legacy to live on forever.

Bryant, you gave me purpose. I was so ready to be your mommy. The moment that I found out that you existed, I was beyond excited. I had so many plans for us and even though you are no longer here in the flesh, I still plan on following through with every single one of them.

Your brother knows all about you, because I talk about you often. We mention you in our prayers every night and your quilt hangs on the side of his crib. He knows that his big brother lives in heaven and that he is soooo special because he has a guardian angel.

Three years ago I lost you, but through that pain; I gained so much. I will always celebrate your life, remember your lessons and carry you in my heart. Happy third birthday my sweet Bryant, we’re doing okay down here.



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