Don’t Talk About The Baby.

So, about a month and a half ago, I shared with you guys that I had been tapped to participate in an independent documentary that explored the culture of shame and silence surrounding miscarriage, stillbirth and infertility. The film’s title is “Don’t Talk About the Baby” and it’s scheduled to be released this summer. During my interview portion, I shared the story of losing my son, Bryant.

As many of you know, (and may have read; see: Dear Bryant.) I’m very open about that experience and how it has shaped my entire motherhood journey. One of the many reasons I decided to create #MomsLikeHer was to provide a platform for moms like me to share their stories, no matter how difficult or painful they may be. Speaking about what I’ve gone through has been very therapeutic to me. It’s also allowed me to connect with other women who have endured the same or similar tragedies.

I’m a behind the scenes type of girl so I was very nervous during my interview. However, the directors were amazing and made the entire process comfortable. I didn’t feel awkward at all; which is very rare for me lol. In the end, I’m so glad that I said yes to being a part of something so important to the culture of motherhood. Often, I feel as though angel mommies are sometimes forgotten. My goal is to always represent and give us a voice.

When I lost Bryant, I vowed to honor his memory by sharing his story and speaking his name as much as possible. That was three years ago; and I’m doing my best to keep that promise. So, without further ado; here’s my story… #MomsLikeHer


“Don’t Talk About the Baby” is an independent documentary produced by Clever Gretel Productions. For more information on the film, please visit

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Talk About The Baby.

  1. Jo you’re so strong. I am amazed every single time I hear you speak about your journey or read about it. I pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you, and that He continues to cover you as a mother. I’m just getting to know you, but feel the urge to say that I love you sis! And I admire you and everything that you are setting out to do for your boys!!! #DearBryant #BubStrong

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    1. It’s funny because I was literally talking to Mike yesterday about you. I said to him, “I’m just now getting to know Tiana, but I feel like she is a good girlfriend that’s been around forever. She’s a great mom, writer and so easy to talk to. I love her!” He was like “yeah she ji like cool.” LOL! I love you too sis. See you Saturday… and thank you. ❤


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