To Sum it All Up: Six Random Thoughts on My Vacation to Puerto Rico.

Back to reality. From my very first girls trip since becoming a mom. I spent five kid free days in Puerto Rico. You want to know what’s on my mind? Well, lots of things:

1.) I’m more awkward than sexy. I tried my hardest to look cute in a hammock and damn near flipped the shit over. Modeling is not my forte. I’ll stick to writing. Also, posing in a hammock is hard AF. But at least my fresh bikini wax got some shine.


2.) I hate when people say that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. You don’t need running shoes to run but it freaking helps. I lived off of margaritas, mimosas and tacos for five days and it felt wonderful.

3.) The best times are had when you step outside of your comfort zone. Seriously. I wore a sexy bathing suit in public that showed off my stretchmarks AND I went ATV riding. You know how many fucks were given? ZERO. You know why? Because thick thighs save lives and driving recklessly without a baby strapped to your back seat is actually fun! (who knew?!)

4.) Bargain shopping is my thing. My entire wardrobe was composed of pieces that were on sale at Target, Marshall’s, Amazon and clothes that were already in my closet. I spent less than $200 and found some really cute items! Clearance Racks FTW!


5.) I’m an extroverted introvert. For me, girls trips (really group trips in general) are fun for like the first two days. After that I’d much rather go off exploring and do my own thing. (I caught a lot of flack for that because I kept disappearing!)

Photo May 23, 4 04 48 PM

6.) Mommy guilt is inevitable; but I didn’t let it consume me. Of course, I missed my kid; but for the past two years you know what else I’ve missed? Being selfish, sleeping in late, having the whole bed to myself, drinking alcohol whenever tf I felt like it, not having to share my food, doing ratchet shit with my friends, being a carefree black girl, LIVING. So yeah, I caught up on all of that.

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