Hi! My name is Jo and I’m the creator of Moms Like Her.

I’m a 30-year-old mama of one angel baby in heaven and one rainbow baby on earth. My rainbow baby’s name is Bubba (Bub for short) and I’ll talk about him a lot. He’s a year old, a Hemophilia warrior and the most fearless little boy you’ll ever meet.

I created this safe space for all those who aspire to inspire and connect with fellow mamas through sharing their unapologetic journey and following mine. You’ll find posts about the honest and transparent side of motherhood.. (behind the filters and the smiles).. this is the real deal!

This tribe is for all those who can relate to moms like me, moms like you and moms like her. Let’s share our stories, our struggles and our triumphs! Both bloggers and non-bloggers are invited to contribute their writing to Moms Like Her. Feel free to introduce yourself and use the hashtag #MomsLikeHer to be featured.